Five Reasons Why the Gemini Syndrome VIP Acoustic Experience Is Mind-Blowing

How often do you have the chance to see a special, pre or post-concert acoustic performance by one of your favorite bands? Um, rarely, so jump at the chance when you have it! Find out why attending Gemini Syndrome’s VIP Acoustic Experience was awe-inspiring and is highly recommended.

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Gemini Syndrome’s Awe-inspiring VIP Acoustic Experience

Gemini Syndrome

The Winchester Music Tavern
Lakewood, Ohio
September 19, 2017

Attending a Gemini Syndrome concert is a special enough experience all by itself. The band not only plays freaking fantastic and captivating music that the audience loves, but also the adoring fans know that the guys in Gemini Syndrome are genuinely enjoying performing for the crowd. As a result, the audience feels engaged, connected to the music, and part of a unique musical experience not often encountered. How could Gemini Syndrome possibly top this musical gift? By offering a VIP Acoustic Experience for a select group of fans.

Having attended the concert and then the after-concert acoustic performance at The Winchester Music Tavern outside of Cleveland in September 2017, this writer can personally attest to the “Top Five Reasons Why” the VIP acoustic show is mind-blowing, moving, and an event not to be missed.

aaron nordstrom gemini syndrome adventure music life nici lucas

Aaron Nordstrom of Gemini Syndrome

1. An Unforgettable Experience
Based on the reactions of the audience members during the acoustic performance, one would be safe to wager that the attendees collectively felt they were witnessing something special. As the band played a quietly powerful acoustic version of Remember We Die, time seemed to stand still as the fans listened to this gripping performance. No pictures were snapped. No one spoke or moved. The group was captured by the moment, some even moved to tears by the strength of the performance. This simply unforgettable acoustic experience formed a forever-cherished memory in the minds and hearts of the lucky attendees.

2. Hearing New Sounds
An acoustic version of a harder rock song obviously produces sounds quite different than the original. But, the acoustic versions of Gemini Syndrome’s songs during the VIP set caused the audience’s ears to perk up, minds to tune in, and hearts to beat a little faster. The songs were extremely impactful with the subtraction of electrically powered instruments and the addition of two acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass, keyboards, and a hand drum. The equation produced a beautiful combination of familiar, yet very new, goosebump-producing sounds.

meegs rascon alessandro ap paveri gemini syndrome adventure music life nici lucas

Meegs Rascon (L) and Alessandro “AP” Paveri (R) of Gemini Syndrome

3. An Intimate Setting
The Gemini Syndrome VIP show consisted of a round circle of audience and band, allowing for fortunate fans to be up close and personal during this special performance. Being at arm’s length from Lead Singer and Keyboardist Aaron Nordstrom, Drummer Brian Steele Medina, Bassist Alessandro “AP” Paveri, Guitarist Meegs Rascon, and Guitarist Max Georgiev, made the audience feel like wide-eyed kids watching their first live musical performance.

4. Personal Interaction
An unexpected feature to the incredible concert performance was being able to listen to the band members tell personal stories in between the songs. This amazing complement to the show allowed the attendees to feel part of an elite event. Plus, the band signed autographs, took pictures, and talked with the group.

gemini syndrome adventure music life nici lucas

Left to Right: Alessandro “AP” Paveri, Aaron Nordstrom, Brian Steele Medina, and Max Georgiev

5. Seize the Day
We never know what’s around the corner and what opportunities we might or might not have again in the future. This awe-inspiring double-header of concert and acoustic performance was an experience that has formed forever memories to be retrieved in the fans’ minds for years to come. For anyone contemplating attending the Gemini Syndrome VIP Acoustic Experience, the clear recommendation is to seize the opportunity to participate in this moving and mind-blowing experience. You will not regret the decision.

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gemini syndrome adventure music life nici lucas

Gemini Syndrome’s VIP Acoustic Experience

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